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User Experience & User Interface Design

User Experience & User Interface Design

Posted on: 20 Nov, 2023

1. What Is UX?

The User Experience (UX) Is How A User Interacts With And Experiences A Product, System, Or Service. It Includes A Person's Perceptions Of Utility, Ease Of Use, And Efficiency.

Improving User Experience Is Important To Most Companies, Designers, And Creators When Creating And Refining Products Because Negative User Experience Can Diminish The Use Of The Product And, Therefore, Any Desired Positive Impacts; Conversely, Designing Toward Profitability Often Conflicts With Ethical User Experience Objectives And Even Causes Harm.

User Experience Is Subjective. However, The Attributes That Make Up The User Experience Are Objective.

2. What Is UI?

User Interface (UI) Is The Space Where Interactions Between Humans And Machines Occur. The Goal Of This Interaction Is To Allow Effective Operation And Control Of The Machine From The Human End, While The Machine Simultaneously Feeds Back Information That Aids The Operators' Decision-making Process. Ui Is Created In Layers Of Interaction That Appeal To The Human Senses (Sight, Touch, Auditory And More).

The Goal Of Effective UI Is To Make The User's Experience Easy And Intuitive, Requiring Minimum Effort On The User's Part To Receive The Maximum Desired Outcome. Examples Of This Broad Concept Of User Interfaces Include The Interactive Aspects Of Computer Operating Systems, Hand Tools, Heavy Machinery Operator Controls, And Process Controls.

The Design Considerations Applicable When Creating User Interfaces Are Related To Or Involve Such Disciplines As, Ergonomics And Psychology.

Two Concepts That Complement Each Other UX And UI

Let’s Consider A Refrigerator. How Does This Refrigerator Look? Where Is The Gate? What Compartments Does It Have? What Colors Are Used Inside And Outside? The Creator Of These Design Features Is The UI Designer. But Is The Door Of This Refrigerator Designed In Accordance With User Habits? Are The Designed Partitions Useful, Do They Satisfy The User? Or Does It Meet All Needs? How Suitable Are The Colors Used For This Product? The Person Who Will Answer These Questions By Applying The Necessary Measurements Is The UX Designer.

4. Designer & Developers

Why Designers And Developers Should Work Together?

Most Of The Time, The Problem We Are Trying To Solve Is An Interdisciplinary Problem. It Can’t Be Solved By Only Designers Or Developers. Our Goal Is The Same And We Should Be Working Together. We Should Both Understand Each Other As We Try To Understand The User. Creating A Great Product Is Not Just About The Features And How It Looks. It Should Be Scalable, Accessible, And Fun. These Can Only Be Achieved By The Collaboration Of Designers And Developers.

We All Want To Be Pixel-Perfect.

We As Designers And Developers Are Creating For Certain Mediums. Whether It Be A Desktop Or A Mobile Device. There Are Pre-defined Guidelines And Rules To Design And Build For These Platforms. These Are Not Just Random Numbers. As We Seek The Most Scalable, Accessible, Fun Product, These Guidelines And Rules Help Us On Our Journey To Make Our Products For Every User And Device. 

5. Deeper In UI

A Good User Interface Is Important Because It Can Turn Potential Visitors Into Buyers As It Facilitates Interaction Between The User And Your Website Or Application. It Does Not Only Focus On Aesthetics But Also Maximizes Responsiveness, Efficiency, And Accessibility Of A Digital Product.

Below Are Some Benefits Of A Good User Interface For Your Web Or Mobile Application;

- Customer Confidence

- Capitalize on competitive advantage

- Reduced Costs

- Clarify Your Vision

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